Happy learns to trust again

My client Barbara decided to adopt two dogs from Spain. She had no knowledge about their history but knew she wanted to give them a safe and loving home.

She told me about the dogs and how sweet they are. But at the same time she felt that she could not always fully understand their behavior.  She asked me if I could talk to them so she could get some guidance.

So, she send me a photo and her questions and Happy and I had a little chat.

"Hello Happy, I am a friend of your human and would like to talk to you. Is that okay for you?Happy looks shy at me and says yes, that is okay.

Dear Happy, how are you doing? I am good.

Dear Happy, can you tell me where you come from? Happy shows me an empty plot  with dry gras. The image doesn`t show any buildings.

Is there something that you are afraid of? Happy takes his time to answer. I like to be underneath a table, somewhere sheltered.That makes me feel safe.

Do you have pain somewhere? No, but lately my hips are stiff.

What do you need from your people to make your life better? A little more patience, although I do trust them I am still afraid that they will leave me.

Dear Happy,is there anything you would lik to say? Yes! I like it very much to be really close to my people on the couch.

Sweet Happy, thank you so much for talking to me. I have to tell you that your people are very glad that you are in their lives. It really is safe for you to trust them and to open yourself up to them. Goodby, Happy.

Happy looks shy and tells me goodby.

:Additional information I gave the client:

To me Happy doesn't feel as traumatized. But he is very insecure and afraid to trust. Patience and feeling sheltered will surely help. Maybe you could build him a little hut to hide in? 

Such a sweet and sensitive soul!

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