Client feedback Paws Talks Happy

After my talk to rescue dog Happy, Happy`s new mum gave me feedback. Did you miss Happy Paws Talk? Then, go here to read it first.

The Feedback

First, I got this quick message.

"Maybe I am crazy but today Happy is more relaxed and affectionate than ever. He is momentarily reading the newspaper" (see picture).

And later a more extensive response

"We just read everything and what we read is very similar to our own experiences. Happy really loves to snuggles next to me or to eat a bone underneath the table or in the bench. He indeed seems to like to have a little roof for shelter.  

We have been to the vet the other day because he has a light limp and the vet thought it is not his hip, but a bad knee. But, I would say close enough!

And you are absolutely right that he is very sensitive.Therefore we  try to be extra patient and we will continue doing so. I think your idea to give him a little hut of his own is absolutely brilliant.  

It goes without saying that we will never leave him, but we understand that it may take more than the 3 months he has been to us to build that trust. Especially because he was left uncared for these last 5 years.

Thank you so much!"

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