Behind the scenes

Get to know everything about who we are, how it works and interesting insights.

The paws whisperer

Gwen is our animal communicator. She always had a strong affection for animals and nothing p%$$es her more off than animal cruelty. She combines her natural spiritual connection and a formal training in animal communication to make the connection and considers  each conversation a true gift.

How does it work?

Communicating with an animal is hard to explain and nothing like a phone conversation. It is a telepathic way of communication that brings through actual words, feelings or images or any combination. 

A Four Paws Talk is not just for animals with actual paws. It is just what we like to call it, but works with all animals. 

Some animal communicators refer to the contact as an animal communication consult where others call it a pet reading.

Contrary to common belief

Interesting things that we learned that contradict common belief:

  • We highly underestimate the intelligence and wisdom of animals;
  • Animals absolutely have a memory, just like we do;
  • Animal behavior is not just driven by primitive instinct;
  • Animals are way more unique and individual than a general depiction of their species.

Good to know/ FAQ`s

Does this only work with cats and dogs No, this works with all animals. We just like to call it `paws` talks.

Do you need to have the animal present? No, this is not needed. A name and a picture is all that is needed to connect with the energy of the animal.

My pet doesn't like the vet. If I can ask my pet what is wrong, can I skip the stress of taking my pet there?                We would never recommend skipping going to the vet. However, a paws talks can be helpful to clarify if something doesn't feel right

My dog trainer or vet says that there is no such thing as animal communication.  Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At the end, it is up to every individual to feel and decide what to believe or not. And, when you see your animal as the pure and unique individual that is is, you may want to keep an open mind.

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