The wise words of donkey Rocky

Donkies are not known as being wise animals, however Rocky proved how wrong this idea is.

During my training, I talked with Rocky. He answered the questions that his owner had and than had a final message. He told me that he wanted to eat more fresh food, he showed me carrots and apples. 

During the feedback Rocky`s owner didn't react to the food remark. But the next day someone else was asked to talk to Rocky again. His owner wanted Rocky to know that he wasn`t given fresh food because it was bad for him (it caused diarehae). Rocky`s reaction was quite brilliant. 

`As if people know what is good for us. They do not even know what is good for themselves.`

I thought it was very funny and on point. We humans pride ourselves on being superior and wiser. But when talking to the animals they show the infinite wisdom they have.


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