Former horseback riding school horse shares his memory of human kindness from heaven.

An extremely weird, yet beautiful experience

This talk took place during my training and left a powerful impression on me. Some time into the training, we learned to connect with deceased animals. WHAT?? 

Yes, dear reader, dead animals. Too weird, right? That is what I thought. To practice, we were to connect to animals of others students. We each received a mystery photo. Than, after the preparations we could look at the picture. My animal is a horse and as I connect, and indeed a horse comes through.  

The horse, named Harry is very relaxed and I ask him the questions that were given to me. Harry replies and things make sense. He tells me that he had found the riding lessons rather boring but that he had enjoyed to see the pleasure that it brought people.

Before we say goodby, I ask Harry if there is anything he likes his person to know. And there is. Harry shows an image of himself lying in the barn. Immediately my brain interferes with the though that this is nonsense because horses only lie down unless they are dead. At least that is what I always understood, but I know nothing about horses.. So I decide to just be open to whatever comes. And now I notice that in one corner there is a person sitting in the hay. And I understand Harry wants to tell this person that he appreciated the kindness of this person keeping him company. It is a beautiful feeling of gratitude, but my brain interferes again and tells me it is all nonsense.  For a moment I am confused, and I end the connected with Harry by thanking him.

We all take our turns to share the conversations we just had. My brain and my feeling are still fighting whether I should share Harry`s last message. Finally the thought that I am here to learn wins. At my turn I share the whole story and when I describe the last scene I look at Pia, Harry`s person and I see her nodding for confirmation. It turns out Harry was a riding school horse and Pia one of the instructors. They had a special connection and she would keep him company in his barn from time to time.

This conversation left me baffled and humbled. Such a weird and beautiful experience.

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