Client feedback Canelo

This is the feedback that we got from Canelo`s mum.

"Dear Gwen,

Thank you. I read the report and I think it sums up Canelo`s personality nicely. I don't have the feeling that he ever had a real home or lived somewhere inside. Canelo is indeed a very nervous and jumpy dog.

He has trouble to pee whenever he is in a new place. And we have been dragging the poor thing from home to home and from one country to the other.

And you are so right about his collar!! He makes excruciating noises when we take his out with a collar. We already changed it for a harness. 

Until now I thought he was fine as long that he is with us, although I had noticed he was anxious in new places. I will be more conscious of this now that I know how hard it for him.

Thank you very much for this."

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